School Buses Are Cancelled; Some Rural Schools Closed

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 06:15 AM

All School Buses are cancelled today.  

Rural School Closures:

Crestview McKenzie, Valley Central, Gorham and Ware, Whitefish Valley and Kakabeka Falls.  

Norwesterview and Five Mile Elementary School remains open with school buses cancelled.

Thunder Bay Christian School is also closed.

Lakehead Public Schools is reminding parents that all urban schools are open today with no transportation.

Thunder Bay Catholic and CSDC des Aurores boreales say that all schools are open today with no transportation.

Little Lions Daycare's McKellar location is closed because of a power outage.

A power outage has meant the closure of McKellar Park Central Public School and Ogden Community Public School for the day today.

The schools were closed as there is no estimated time to restore the power. 

Thunder Bay's Children Aid Society is closed, as is the WSIB office.