Higher Food Bank Use No Surprise: RFDA

Posted on Sunday, December 3, 2017 13:29 PM

It's not surprising that more people are using Thunder Bay food banks, according to the Regional Food Distribution Association.  

However, Executive Director Volker Kromm admits that he didn't expect a recent report to show that certain groups are making up a bigger percentage of food bank users. 

"We're seeing more single individuals, more single families, and also there's a slight increase in the number of seniors coming," Kromm explains, "Seniors, we find, are going to the soup kitchen as well as going for hampers."

He feels that's likely because it's difficult for seniors to afford enough healthy food on a fixed income. 

Kromm says the RFDA is working on offering healthier foods, and working together with other organizations instead of duplicating each other's services. 

A new report shows higher food bank use across the province. (File Photo)