Former Deputy Police Chief Takes Stand

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 11:48 AM

Retired officer and former Deputy Police Chief Andy Hay was on the stand at Police Chief JP Levesque’s trial Tuesday.

Hay described Levesque as a person who thinks out his decisions and doesn’t make them rashly.

He added Levesque has a good reputation for being honest and has a high standard. 

He told Court that if it turns out Levesque made a tactical error, his opinion of JP wouldn’t change, and that he doesn’t believe Levesque would want to jeopardize an investigation so he could "do someone a solid" by tipping them off. 

Hay also rehashed a meeting in December of last year that included Levesque, himself, and City Manager Norm Gale.  

He says the meeting was to brief Gale on the allegations against Mayor Keith Hobbs. 

The retired officer noted that Gale seemed upset about the allegations and that the meeting was confidential. 

Hay also told court that the relationship between lawyer Sandy Zaitzeff and Mayor Hobbs was infamous in the city, with lawsuits pending and Zaitzeff being charged in November. 

Hay noted that during his retirement luncheon, he spoke to the Mayor, and Hobbs said he was tired and getting a lot of pressure to resign after a YouTube video went viral featuring the Mayor and Zaitzeff. 

In an earlier statement, Hay said that during a meeting with the RCMP, they were told they had a confidential informant providing information about extortion allegations against the Mayor; but Hay says the term "confidential informant" was used loosely and it was more of a witness. 

Hay also testified that during their meeting with the RCMP they were told to keep the information confidential.

Levesque’s lawyer cross examined Hay and focused on the lawsuit between Hobbs and former police chief Bob Herman. 

Hay said their relationship with the Mayor was guarded and respectful following the lawsuit between the two. 

He told Court that his and Levesque's relationship with the Mayor is strictly business, and doesn’t include "going out for coffee or drinks" and wouldn’t include informing him on an investigation.

Hay also detailed a call he received from Hobbs, who was upset that the police were going to discipline on one of Hobbs' police friends.  Hay alleges Hobbs said he was going to retire, run for Mayor, and get Chief Herman off of the force. (File Photo)