Lakehead University Opens Three New Art Galleries

Posted on Thursday, September 18, 2014 14:34 PM
Lakehead University is turning its walls into learning spaces.
Three new art galleries are now open, featuring works inspired by everything from research projects to the sciences. 
Curator Pauline Sameshima says she wanted to give students a space to challenge their views.
"I hope that they are encouraged to rethink how they think about life. Perhaps it's just seeing something from a different perspective, or seeing someone else's interpretation of a particular conundrum," she says.
"It's just really exciting for the walls to become learning spaces."
Sameshima adds she's looking to the new Lakehead Arts Integrated Research space as a place to showcase fieldwork.
"I'm really keen on seeing how other people are doing their research, and even photographs of the research project on the way, so we can share the kinds of projects that are happening here at Lakehead," says Sameshima. "And then we have a gallery called 'In Other Words,' and then we also have 'The Junction: Where Science Meets Art.'
The galleries will feature a variety of multimedia works by staff, students and alumni. (Photo: Caryn Ceolin)