New Taxi By-Law Revealed

Posted on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 14:39 PM

After months upon months of behind the scenes work, the city's proposed new taxi by-law is about to go before city councillors. 

Councillor Brian McKinnon has been steering the law through the process and believes all parties involved have come  up with the best possible outcome for everyone affected.

McKinnon explains the new law is supposed to level the playing field for everyone affected from cab companies to new riding sharing services like Uber.

He insists any new service provider will need to have trained drivers, along with safe and accessible vehicles. 

There will also be no cap on fares which he thinks will help the market determine the cost of such services.

McKinnon notes the city couldn't "put its head in the sand" and not address the "new market" which sees people shopping online and using electronics devices to receive services. (File photo)