Testimony Continues In Levesque Trial

Posted on Monday, December 4, 2017 14:23 PM

Witness testimony into the obstruction of justice and breach of trust trial for suspended Police Chief JP Levesque continues. 

RCMP officer Darryl Waruk told court that he once worked under Mayor Keith Hobbs during their time with the City Police Service. 

Waruk explained that he spoke to Hobbs on and off throughout the years and mentioned Hobbs started calling his work cellphone after lawyer Sandy Zaitzeff was arrested on sexual related charges. 

Hobbs allegedly called Waruk several times to say he helped get Zaitzeff arrested, adding he “still had that copper in him.”

RCMP met with members of the Thunder Bay Police on December 14th to discuss the statement that was made about Mayor Keith Hobbs.  

Waruk testified that later on he and several other police officers received calls from Hobbs saying he knew there was an investigation into him and he just wanted confirmation about who provided a statement to the RCMP.

These calls came after Sandy Zaitzeff's family friend Craig Loverin made a statement to RCMP.

Waruk says he alerted his superiors and they in turn called Thunder Bay Police Chief JP Levesque to tell him there was an information leak. 

During the call with Levesque,  the police chief admitted he forgot to mention to RCMP, that during a retirement party for Deputy Police Chief Andy Hay he pulled Hobbs aside and said “There’s been a statement made alleging you’ve been extorting an individual.  I don’t want to take a statement from you, I don’t want to advise you on this but OPP are investigating it.” 

Waruk says they were shocked by what they heard from Levesque and they passed this information up the RCMP chain.

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