New Bio Plant Pilot At Resolute

Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 10:03 AM

Using basic components of trees to make bio-chemicals and fuel sources is what a demonstration plant will do at Resolute Forest Products, and FPInnovations is building it over the next year.  

CEO Stephane Renou says wood fibres, or sugar, and the glue that holds them together, lignin, will be processed.

The idea is to use what this plant will make to build plastics and other materials normally made by petroleum.

More jobs will be added over the year, with the federal government putting in $5.8-million, and FEDNOR 3-million.  

The expansion of Resolute may not be far down the road, with the Pulp and Paper facility GM Remi Lalonde saying they have plants all over North America that could carry this project on. 

The plant is expected to be running in about a year, adding new jobs as the need arises along the way.