Improve Oliver Road Water Service: Developer

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 01:31 AM

Oliver Road residents could get better water service. 

A request from developer Silvio Di Gregorio was approved at City Council last night, as he argues lack of good water and sewer service off of Oliver is inconvenient for residents and stopping more homes from being built. 

"It would make economic sense for a developer to extend both sanitary and water [services] to permit the development of full urban service standard," Di Gregorio says, adding it could be done at no extra cost to the city.

Di Gregorio claims that the red tape surrounding the proposed Northwest Arterial expressway is making it practically impossible to develop the land east of Oliver Road. 

He was able to sway City Council on the issue, as they voted to change the city's Official Plan to allow for Oliver Road sewer and water improvements. (Staff Photo)