Local Scientist Rallies Against Trump Travel Ban

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 10:32 AM

A former Thunder Bay woman working as a research scientist in the US at Duke University is speaking out against the President's travel ban that affects people hailing from Muslim countries.

Kimberly Chiew recently took part alongside thousands of others in a rally at an airport in North Carolina. 

Chiew says she took part because she works with scientists who are Muslim and they are her coworkers and friends.  

Although as a Canadian she isn't impacted by the ban she felt the need to speak up for those who are.

Many Muslim scientists have shared their plight on social media saying they are afraid that if they leave the country to visit friends or family that they won't be allowed back in.  

A large march for science is planned at a later date in Washington, click here for more information.  (Photo by Kimberly Chiew)