Levesque's Character Discussed At Obstruction Trial

Posted on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 13:02 PM

Day three of suspended Police Chief JP Levesque's breach of trust and obstruction of justice trial continues. 

Acting Deputy Police Chief Don Lewis took the stand and gave testimony about Levesque's reputation. 

Lewis told defence counsel that Levesque has a reputation of being honest, being a man of integrity and compassion. 

Levesque's lawyer Brian Gover then explained to the court the charges that his client is facing.

He asked Lewis if the charges were in line with Levesque's personality, to which he said no. 

That line of questioning is going to be debated on whether it will be allowed at a later date with the judge.

The prosecution then asked Lewis if he had investigated serious crimes done by people with no criminal record and he answered yes. 

Questioning also surrounded the Police Chief's right to exercise discretion with how cases are dealt with. 

Earlier testimony dealt with a January 3rd meeting involving Deputy Police Chief Sylvie Hauth, Inspector Lewis, Mayor Keith Hobbs and his wife Marissa. 

Lewis said throughout the conversation Hobbs was insistent that the city police investigate his extortion case involving lawyer Alexander (Sandy) Zaitzeff.

He explained to Hobbs that the case was becoming too complex and that they wouldn't be able to investigate. 

Meanwhile, Lewis also reiterated that Levesque told him he spoke to Mayor Hobbs about the extortion investigation.

Levesque's explanation to Lewis was because he didn't want it to erupt when he was away and Hauth would be saddled with it.

Defence council suggested that there was real concern it would be made public through the media or from one of Hobbs friends on the force.

Detective Constable Jeff Elvish also took the stand Wednesday morning detailing his role in the Sandy Zaitzeff case. 

He testified that the Mayor had called him on December 22nd to discuss a possible extortion investigation. 

Elvish in turn called his boss Sue Kucharik to inform her of the call and that the Mayor was concerned.  

He also relayed to her that he felt the Hobbs investigation was beyond the forces scope. 

Kucharik and Levesque spoke and after that conversation Elvish was no longer on the Zaitzeff case and wasn't allowed to speak to Hobbs.  

Elvish closed his testimony saying Hobbs had called him and left a voicemail but he didn't return the call.

He said it had to do with the Mayor's concern that a video recording that was circulating on social media was going to be used by a city councillor on his podcast. 

Elvish claims Hobbs asked them what they were going to do about it. 

Wednesday afternoon's testimony is expected to include City Manager Norm Gale.