New Constables Sworn In Today

Posted on Friday, April 21, 2017 07:55 AM

Two new Constables are joining the City police service ranks.

Amanda Zappitelli and Paul Karpowich will read the oath and be sworn in this afternoon at the Consolidated Courthouse on Brodie Street.

Police Chief JP Levesque is going to give the newbies their warrant cards and badges.  

April 21, 2017

Thunder Bay Police Swore in Two New Constables

The Thunder Bay Police Service swore in Amanda ZAPPITELLI and Paul KARPOWICH as Constables this afternoon at the Thunder Bay Courthouse.

The honourable Justice Digiuseppe presided over the ceremony. Chief Levesque confirmed his authorization to have the Cadets sworn in as Constables with the Thunder Bay Police Service. 

Copies of the Ontario Police College certificates were presented and Justice Digiuseppe called the candidates individually to the podium to read the Oath aloud. The Oaths was signed and Chief Levesque presented the new Constables with their warrant cards and badges.

Both officers will begin patrolling the community next week.