Changes To Pipeline Approvals A First Step: CUSP

Posted on Sunday, January 31, 2016 10:21 AM

Citizens United for a Sustainable Planet is hoping Ottawa's assessment of Energy East will lead to its own demise.

The Trudeau government announced it's changing the way pipeline projects are assessed, in terms of their impact on Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Spokesperson Paul Berger says if the process is fair and truly considers greenhouse gas, it's going to have to conclude that projects like the Energy East Pipeline are not in the public interest.

He adds if Canada is really serious about limiting its climate change to 1.5 degrees celsius, it can't keep building fossil fuel projects.

The local environmental group says they're happy to see the Trudeau government committing to greater public, and indigenous consultations on projects.

But Berger adds it looks like the final decision will rest with cabinet. He says it doesn't differ much from the Conservative government strategy of "letting the National Energy Board rule." Berger says that, while the feds are working towards a new way to assess future projects, only slightly modified measures will apply to projects currently before the NEB.