Concern About 61, James St. Bridge, At Meeting

Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2017 07:11 AM

Plenty of concern expressed at a Neebing ward meeting that construction on highway 61 next year will not be done within the scheduled 5-6 months.  

However, councillor Linda Rydholm says the Ministry of Transportation is determined to do so, facing hefty fines if it's not.  

One man pointed to how long it took, in his opinion, for sidewalk work to be done outside the Airlane hotel, and he feels the same will happen next year. 

Many residents were frustrated the James Street bridge is not an option, with an appeal decision made in January.

Rydholm claimed not much can be said on that, as a decision on an appeal will be made in court in January.

But she adds CN signed an agreement over 100 years ago to maintain it.

Another issue raised, some residential streets may be narrowed, in an effort to save the city money.  That'll be done as paving takes place, and it'll mean room for parking only on one side of the street.