Needles Pop Up In Spring

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2016 11:33 AM

Thunder Bay's Drug Strategy wants you to be safe this spring when dealing with discarded needles.    

They say if you do see a needle after the spring melt, don't call police since it's not their core function, they suggest contacting Superior Points so they can take the proper measures to get rid of it.


If a discarded needle is found, or a container of needles needs to be picked up, residents can call Superior Points at 625-8831 or 625-7996.  


Steps to safely handle needles that are found include:  


  • Use tongs or pliers and store needles in a hard plastic container with a lid, such as an empty peanut butter jar.


  • Don’t use a glass container, as it can break. Mark the container with the word needle.


  • Drop off containers at Elevate NWO, Shelter House or the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.


  • Drop off single needles into any of the yellow metal disposal bins found throughout the City.


  • For locations, visit and click on sexual health, then needle exchange.