No Taxi Rate Increase For Now

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 01:26 AM

We'll have to wait to see if City Council will approve higher taxi rates. 

Diamond Taxi co-owner Seija Sekhon spoke to City Council Monday night, who didn't make any decisions on whether to allow the company to increase its rates. 

Sehkon argues that a price increase would make it easier to hire more drivers, which she says would in turn decrease wait times. 

"Currently I am more short of drivers than I have ever been, and I've been 31 years in this business," she notes.

She claims that current taxi rates are comparable with other cities, and costs for her business are increasing. 

"A huge portion of every dollar that we collect here in the taxi fares goes to some government or another in the form of taxes," Sekhon explains, "That includes payroll taxes, which are quite high."

Council will look at a taxi bylaw next week, which could include changes to rates. (File Photo)