Riverbanks Remain A Popular Hangout

Posted on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 13:10 PM

City police are trying to steer people away from drinking near river beds. 

They've stepped up their patrols and are encouraging more people to use the spaces for recreational activities.

Detective Constable Brooke Pilley points to data showing they were called to area river beds 460 times in 2017. 

Pilley tells us they've identified twelve hundred people that have been involved in these incidents and admits, that number could be higher.

He says they've found people of all ages hanging out near the city's waterways with the average age being around 35 and he estimates they've saved around 100 people so far. 

Pilley explains that's the result of an increase in foot patrols in the area all hours of the day and evening.

He also indicates police are responding to calls from the public whenever they come in.  (Photo by Sheri Leviski Kotyk)