Forestry Alliance Formed In Northern Ontario

Posted on Saturday, January 20, 2018 08:31 AM

Indigenous communities, municipalities as well as other northern leaders and organizations have formed an alliance to promote forestry in northern and rural Ontario.

The group was formed because of concerns with the province's proposed policies on species at risk and the Endangered Species Act and how they could impact the forest sector.

Seine River First Nation Chief Thomas Johnson Jr. says in light of reconciliation and economic sustainability, First Nations and non-First Nations must rally in support of one another to defend our shared forestry interests and local lands.

Johnson Jr. says the alliance is forged on the principles of unity, strength and prosperity.

He is also encouraging all treaty partners to join and support the group in moving the reconciliation agenda forward.

The alliance says it's committed to increasing sustainable harvesting, growing their local economies while continuing to respect science-based environmental values. (File Photo)