Chamber Dislikes Increase

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 05:31 AM

New employment rules introduced by the Premier are not good for business, according to the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce.

It's President says if an employee's shift is cancelled within 48-hours of its start, for whatever reason, the employer must still pay the worker three hours.

Charla Robinson says, for instance, a cancelled baseball game would hurt a team to pay stadium employees.

"Well the rain happens and the ball game gets cancelled, now they still have to pay everyone of those employees three hours even though the game didn't happen, there was no revenue coming in, they still have to pay everyone of those costs."

Robinson feels with the minimum wage set to go up to 15 dollars by 2019, the cost of everyday items will also increase.  

She says businesses have costs such as employee wages, heat, transportation of product or service and insurance and increasing the amount paid to employees will affect what customers pay.

This legislation is part of Kathleen Wynne's announcement that minimum wage in Ontario is going up to 15-dollars an hour by 2019. (File photo)