Streptococcus "A" Cases Not Shocking: MOH

Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 16:54 PM

The District Health Unit is dealing with a higher than usual number of streptococcus "A" cases but not as bad as London, Ontario where there have been nine deaths. 

Medical Officer of Health Janet DeMille tells us, they've had about 60 cases in the district this year with two deaths.

She says it's always "disconcerting" when the number of cases goes up, and it's been worse this year than in the past number of years. 

DeMille says there were about 60 cases in 2016 as well,  but that was the highest they've seen in close to a decade.

DeMille indicates the local numbers aren't shocking since they've increased gradually, and notes what's happening in London has been a significant increase over their "baseline" numbers.