UPDATE: No Bed Bugs Found At SilverCity

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2017 10:23 AM

There are no bed bugs that have been found at our local SilverCity theatre.  

Spokesperson Sarah Van Lange says they take these concerns very seriously and investigated them with an outside third party pest specialist and received word this morning that there are no health or safety issues at the theatre. 

She adds movie-lovers have no need for concern. 

Van Lange adds that each theatre undergoes regular inspections and they have these measures in place because they put their customers health and safety as their number one priority. 

Meanwhile, Health Unit Spokesperson Lee Sieswerda says the company took action after receiving a complaint on Facebook.

He notes posts about bed bugs in movie theaters make the rounds every few years.

"A bit of a flurry on social media and then it will die down and then it will pop up in another city and another.  But it's quite unusual for the pest control company to find a bed bug in the theatre, it does occasionally happen but it's quite rare."

Sieswerda says it's rare but not impossible.

The last time the issue of bed bugs at the local theatre came up it was a false alarm in 2013, you can click here to read our story. (File photo)