PM Taking Heat For Pipeline Rejection

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 16:38 PM

The Conservatives are keeping the heat on the Trudeau government.  

In the House of Commons, Rona Ambrose says killing the Northern Gateway pipeline project takes job opportunities away from Indigenous young people.  The Interim Conservative Leader says that, had the project gone through, it would have brought $2 billion worth of job-creation contracts to First Nations.  

Ambrose accuses the Prime Minister of making a political choice to reject the project at First Nations' expense.  She says the 31 First Nations and Metis equity partners involved with Northern Gateway wanted to continue consultations to see the project go ahead.  

Justin Trudeau countered that his party achieved in one year what the Conservatives couldn't during a decade in power, with Tuesday's approval of two other pipeline projects.  The PM added the decision reflects his election promise to grow the economy while protecting the environment.  (File Photo)