Regional Leaders Want More Proactive MTO

Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015 16:06 PM

Marathon's mayor is still asking the MTO the same vexed question.

Rick Dumas wants to know how contractors got away with a nearly 30 hour November closure of Highway 17, but he says answers came up short from the Ministry at the District Municipal League this morning.

Dumas says a two-day closure should not happen in today's economy, and especially on a major highway system, noting it's time the MTO rectify the problems behind closures such as this one.

He adds the Ministry can help give peace of mind to municipalities, by providing city officials the information they need to track the trucks in their area.

The general consensus among regional leaders is that they want the MTO to take more responsibility enforcing winter highway maintenance standards for contractors. (Photo: Caryn Ceolin)