Province To Allow Flat-Rate Hydro Billing

Posted on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 13:50 PM

If you need more power during on-peak electricity times, paying your hydro bill might get easier.  

At Queen's Park on Tuesday, the Ontario NDP called for an end to mandatory time-of-use charges. 

Deputy Leader Jagmeet Singh told the legislature about a woman whose power bill has doubled because she needs an oxygen machine at home.  

Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault says while time-of-use billing is better for the province as a whole, he understands that some customers need more power during on-peak hours.  

Thibeault says the government is taking steps to let people opt out of time-of-use charges. It's working with Electricity Systems Operators to set up flat-rate billing, and the Ontario Energy Board has started a pilot project.  

Thibeault says right now, people who need more power for medical reasons can qualify for more benefits. (File Photo)