Hospital Moving Patients To Hogarth Riverview Manor

Posted on Saturday, January 13, 2018 09:12 AM

Overcrowding at the Regional Health Sciences Centre means 32 patients will be treated at a city seniors' home. 

Hospital CEO Jean Bartkoviak explains they've gotten special permission and funding from the province for the move, noting the situation shouldn't last longer than eight to ten weeks. 

He says it's because of "record numbers" of patients who are being treated in areas like hallways, along with an unusually severe flu season. 

The patients and hospital staff members began transferring to Hogarth on Friday and are expected to be set up by Monday. 

St. Joseph's Care Group President Tracy Buckler explains that they don't expect the current respiratory illness outbreaks at the care home to have an impact on the hospital patients. 

"There are outbreaks in many homes in Thunder Bay, including Hogarth Riverview Manor, [but] not on the side where these beds are going to be occupied."

The patients will be set up in an empty wing of the building which is unoccupied because of staffing issues. 

Local Heath Integration Network CEO Laura Kokocinski notes that the move, which officials from all three organizations began planning on Wednesday, will free up space at the hospital so that surgeries and diagnostic tests won't have to be cancelled. (File Photo)