DNA Studied In Double Murder Trial

Posted on Monday, April 16, 2018 10:33 AM

A forensic scientist dealing with DNA analysis kicked off the second week of a 2015 double murder trial.

Information on the DNA of the deceased Ann Chuchmuch and Wilfred Pott was introduced during testimony this morning.

Two people’s DNA was found in the Brant Street home but a third insufficient amount of DNA couldn’t be identified, the other two were from the deceased.

A lab tested swabs of Pott’s hands and clippings of his fingernails that came back positive for blood with the DNA matching his and most likely Chuchmuch’s. 

A pair of jeans was also tested for blood and it came back positive, matching a DNA profile of Chuchmuch.

Benjamin Ronald Marki faces two charges of murder, as well as arson with a disregard for life and indignity to a dead body.

A DNA profile that looks to be a match for Marki’s was found on the waist band of the jeans recovered from the home, a bloody paper towel, three blood stains from Marki’s socks, his ring and a blood stain on his hand. 

The forensic scientist testified that he couldn’t exclude Marki from that profile.

In December 2015, Chuchmuch’s body was found dead inside a Brant Street house after it was on fire.  

Police at the time reported that Pott later died in hospital. Testimony has revealed that they were both dead before the fire was set.

Marki was renting a room from them at the time of the fatal fire. 

This is expected to be the final week of his jury trial.