Fishing And Hunting Service Fee In Effect Monday

Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2014 15:23 PM

The MNR says a new service fee for fishing and hunting licences is supporting wildlife programming.

The $2 charge goes into effect Monday.

Natural Resources Minister Bill Mauro says the revenue will speak to the ministry's ability to continue the programming that's neccessary.

"The most recent example, about a year ago, was a moose aerial inventory. That was $5 million, I think. That money comes from the fees that people put in," says Mauro.

"We fly, we get data, and that determines what we do with the moose population in northern Ontario."

Mauro adds the Ontario's Special Purpose Account holds $100 million - $66 million of which comes from licence fees. However, there are now fewer people to help fund the account.

"The fund has been under some challenge lately, in so far as there are fewer young people fishing now than there was year ago, so you're not getting enough fee from them."

Mauro says he's not going to bring forward a fee for seniors. (File photo)