MTO Puts Onus On Contractors

Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015 15:58 PM

The MTO says it's not up to them to be more proactive to ensure contractors are prepared to hit the roads.

Regional Director Wayne Prystanski talked winter highway maintenance at the District Municipal League this morning. He was reminded that a contractor's salt supply issue shut down Highway 17 between Terrace Bay and Marathon for the better part of two days in November. 

A transition period to allow the contractor enough preparation time was set out months in advance of that closure, but Prystanski says the onus is on the company.

Prystanski says the MTO enforces that only 50 per cent of equipment is ready for a storm during the transition period, maintaining the rest is up to the company.

He notes all contracts are performance-based, adding the Ministry is finding contractors in all areas are generally meeting their contract requirements. (Photo: Caryn Ceolin)