Day Two Of Levesque Trial

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 10:23 AM

RCMP Staff Sgt. Normand Roy was Tuesday morning's witness at suspended Police Chief JP Levesque’s breach of trust and obstruction of justice trial. 

Roy reiterated how shocked he was when Levesque admitted to him over the phone that he had told Keith Hobbs about the circumstances of the OPP’s investigation into extortion allegations against the Mayor. 

Roy said he went silent and doesn’t remember how he ended the conversation with Levesque. 

RCMP officials then alerted their superiors at their London headquarters that the investigation was compromised and another police service other than the city force would need to investigate. 

Roy said that during the call, Chief Levesque didn’t explain why he told the Mayor or the Police Services Board about the investigation. 

Up until their conversation with Levesque, they had intended to turn the investigation over to city police and had begun the process.

Court also heard about the grand opening of the Veteran Affairs office in Thunder Bay on January 26th. 

Both the Mayor, Roy, and the RCMP’s witness in the extortion case involving Mayor Hobbs were in attendance. 

According to Roy, Hobbs was sitting behind him.  When Roy got up, Hobbs told him, “I can’t believe you believe that guy’s story and you didn’t come to me. I can’t believe you sent this to Ottawa. You will be named in my lawsuit.”

Roy noted he told the Mayor that he wasn’t going to discuss an investigation in a public place.

He also claimed it was shortly after he noticed the Mayor follow what looked to be their witness out of the event.

Levesque’s lawyer has taken issue with parts of Roy’s testimony, saying that some of it came from his immediate notes, while other parts, like recapping the Veteran Affairs Office opening, came from documents called “Will Say” statements that were made much later than the actual event.