Province Working To Ensure Investors For Ring Of Fire: Sousa

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2015 15:31 PM

Ontario's Minister of Finance says the province is keen to move forward with the Ring of Fire.

Charles Sousa held pre-budget consultations in the city today.

Sousa says, despite Ontario's budding reputation as a place not to do business given delays in the mining project, they're working hard to ensure investor confidence is not lost.

He notes in the last budget the province proportioned $1 billion to invest in all weather roads and other infrastructure necessary to attract investment. Now he says they're working hard to encourage the federal government to match that dollar amount, so that both levels are at the table concurrently.

Sousa says they're trying to convey to the feds that the Ring of Fire is just as important to Canada as oil explorations in the east and west. (Photo: Caryn Ceolin)