Porter Airlines Sorry For Bumped Flight

Posted on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 15:47 PM
Porter Airlines is sorry a Thunder Bay man and his 16 year old daughter were recently bumped from a flight to Toronto. 
The company says they've already reached out to Greg Ulok by email but they also plan to speak to him by phone to clarify the situation directly. 
Porter says the plane wasn't overbooked, it was over weight restrictions and needed to be reduced to accommodate load restrictions. 
Ulok's daughter was travelling to Toronto for a cancer treatment and Porter says when their team at the airport became aware of the circumstances it was too late to board them on that flight.
The company worked directly with another airline to coordinate a flight to Toronto that would get the Father and Daughter in time for the appointment. 
Both received 500 dollar vouchers for future travel and the value of their flights were refunded. 
Greg Ulok wouldn't comment to our newsroom on his recent dealing with the airline.