Local Woman Back Safely From Bali

Posted on Sunday, December 3, 2017 01:01 AM

It was quite the adventure for a Thunder Bay woman who was stuck in Bali, Indonesia because of the eruption of the Agung volcano.

Erika Maki finally made it out after days of waiting for the airport in Bali to reopen. 

According to Maki, the first time she tried to leave, she was turned back the very day the airport shut down.

As several days passed, she and her friends were kept informed by staff at the hotel they were staying at about the status of the airport.  

By the time it was reopened, maki witnessed thousands and thousands of people in the same predicament she was in, and among the chaos, managed to convince a ticket agent to get her on a plane to Shanghai. 

From Shanghai, she says, Air Canada flew her home, calling the airline staff "phenomenal." (File photo)