Mama's Country Record Collection

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 20:00
Magnus Theatre
A Country Musical written and conceived by Thom Currie
Show runs from July 11 to 22, 2017
Evening and Matinee tickets now available!

“Mama’s Country Record Collection is a keeper, just like some of Mama’s records.”
– Welland Tribune

“Mama’s Country Record Collection entices the audience to clap their hands, stomp their feet or sing to songs they didn’t think they even remembered.
– The BEAT Magazine”

Clap, Stomp, and Sing Along!

Mama’s Country Record Collection is a wonderful celebration of the biggest country and western hits of the 1960s and 1970s. Sentimental, raucous and fun, this show has been a runaway hit at theatres across Ontario and Québec, including The Showboat Festival Theatre, The Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Hudson Village Theatre, The Port Stanley Festival and The Stirling Festival Theatre.

The story is simple… Caitlin, a twentysomething woman returns to her small town home to help her gruff dad, Bruce, clean out his basement six months after the death of her mother. As dad and daughter go about the business of putting the basement in order, they begin sorting through mom’s old country record collection.

As the pair come across yet another album or tape, they break into song, harmonizing through the biggest hits of Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Loretta Lynn, John Denver, Roger Miller, and many others, talking through their differences and getting to know each other better. Each song’s performance is vibrant, filled with an energy that draws the audience in to clap, stomp and sing along with some of the most popular country hits of all time.

Featuring Magnus newcomer, Robyn Harrison, whom has previously performed the show at the Stephenville Festival, and local crowd favorite Danny Johnson, Mama’s Country Record Collection will mark the raucous return of professional summer theatre to Northwestern Ontario. Don’t miss out!